Search Assistance Package

April 29, 2013

A complete Executive Search is an intensive process that can be lengthy and as a result expensive.
Genovese Vanderhoof & Associates however has the expertise and resources to help your company
facilitate your own search process at a fraction of the cost of a full search. The Search Assistance

Package includes:

  •  Writing job posting
  •  Placing advertisements on websites and job banks
  •  Fielding inquiries
  •  Conducting Reference checks & Background Checks
  •  Receiving and processing all expressions of interest.


Once we have determined your committee’s specific needs and developed a unique plan we can assist
you in the all important early stages of your search. Our office is equipped to handle all paperwork
and initial processing; we can then format and organize resumes received for your committee’s use.
While we cannot guarantee results from this work, we can be very helpful in getting the word out to
the performing arts sector in North America. The Search Assistance Package is a flat rate service that
includes all fees and expenses.


To request a quote or make an inquiry please feel free to email us at: